Which Airline has the Best and Worst Economy Class Seat?

Which Airlines has the Best and Worst Economy Class Leg Room? There’s an impression that Economy seats are now more cramped. Seat backs are thinner than they once were. More seats got squeezed in each row. In this video, I listed 10 airlines that have the worst legroom. But you can also find some good Economy seats from this video.

The Japanese carriers really stand out of the pack in Economy Class. Japan Airlines is the world’s only airline to offer 8 abreast on the 787. All other airlines squeeze in one more seat with 9 seats per row on the 787.

Over time, Airlines also found ways to squeeze one more seat in each row (10 abreast) on the Boeing 777. In the video, I present a list of airlines that still has just 9 seats per row on the 777 which give you more width.   Air New Zealand and ANA have a pretty unique product to allow you to lie flat in Economy. Air New Zealand also has a future lie flat option called Skynest that provides passenger bunk space to lie flat in Economy. 

The A380 – The world’s biggest passenger airliner are passenger’s favorite. There is 1 special seat on the main deck of the A380 that has amazing legroom. Find out more in the video. Asiana, Qatar Airways, British Airways, Lufthansa, and Emirates (2 class) A380 have Economy on upper deck seating which is quieter and more exclusive.

More and more airlines are upselling their economy Class. At the forward section of Economy and at exit rows, you will find Economy Plus or Economy space which has a couple more inches of legroom. At the end of the video, explore some of the best Premium Economy airline products.