I recently visited the new Etihad First Class and Business Class lounge in the new Terminal A of Abu Dhabi International Airport. There are night and day differences to the old lounge.

The Etihad lounges are accessible to guests flying in Etihad’s The Residence, First and Business Class and Etihad Guest members with eligible tier status. Guests flying in Economy who wish to enjoy the exclusive lounge space can purchase access to Etihad’s Business Lounge.

The Etihad Business Class lounge

Etihad’s impressive new lounges span three floors of Terminal A’s north side, nestled between Piers C and D. The Business Class lounge is located near gate C27 at the airside of the terminal.

a group of people standing in front of a glass door
people standing at desks in front of a building

The First and Business lounges feature a range of dining options, relaxation and entertainment spaces to suit all guests, including the stunning Constellation Bar at the enclosed Roof Lounge.

It was very quiet during my time of visit (7 pm) in the evening but I'd imagine the capacity is large enough to not feel crowded.

a escalator with glass railings

On the bottom floor (3rd floor) is a dining area called Liwan Global Dining. It serves international cuisine in an Arabic furnished setting.

a chef standing behind a counter with food on it

Second Floor

The second floor (4th floor) has more seating area, with a game room and children's play area.

There is also 2 direct boarding gate from this floor at the lounge.

a room with a table and artwork
a glass wall with a sign in front of a children's room

Top Floor

My favorite part of the lounge is on the top floor, there are more private seating areas and a stunning bar and buffet area. I recommend going to this floor. There is also a smoking room and cigar lounge (not pictured).

a row of chairs in a room
a room with tables and chairs
a bar with many bottles and chairs
Constellation Bar
a man standing behind a bar with many bottles of alcohol
a room with chairs and tables

There are a total of 18 shower suites.

a bathroom with a sink and toilet

Here are some photos of the dinner buffet on offer. It has a mix of international dishes with a focus on Arabic and Indian food.

a buffet with different food items
a buffet table with food on it
a buffet table with food on it
a glass door to a building
Unfortunately, the spa is not opened yet during my visit (Nov 2023).

The Etihad First Class lounge

The new Etihad First Class lounge is next to their Business Class lounge. You can access it from gate C29 or via the Business Class lounge on the top floor.

It was literally empty during my visit around 6:30 pm as it is outside of the peak hours of Etihad. The peak times for Etihad flights are in the morning and evening.

a woman standing at a desk in front of a sign
two men standing at a desk

It is much more private and features a darker decor surrounding.

a room with chairs and a table

Adjacent to the entrance is a seating area with a snack bar.

a room with white furniture and a black counter
a display of desserts on a counter

Walking further inside, you will find the dining area. All food is served on a la carte basis with waiter service.

Behind the dining area, is one of the nicest relax and rest areas I've seen. There are many private pods with a large sofa area in the middle.

a room with a couch and chairs
a group of white lights in a room
a room with a chair and a table
a man sitting in a chair

And that's not it. There are 4 private rooms available for The Residence and VIP guests. I was told they're also available for purchase. These private rooms have ensuite showers built in as well.

a room with a couch and a table
a room with a couch and a table
a bathroom with a shower and toilet

Passengers flying in Etihad’s premium cabins can take advantage of the kerbside drop-off facility outside of the First and Business class exclusive check-in area at Row A and B.