In this article, we unveil the airlines that offer the best legroom in Economy class by narrow-body aircraft type.

While variations exist, the prevailing trend across these narrowbody aircraft types suggests that Airbus narrowbodies offer slightly wider seats, with seat widths hovering around 18 inches. On the contrary, Boeing narrowbodies offer narrower seats, averaging around 17 inches.

Best Airbus A320 Family Economy Class Seats

The Airbus A320, a workhorse of short to medium-haul flights, offers a diverse range of economy-class experiences. The majority of the airlines maintain a consistent width of 18 inches across the A320 family.

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JetBlue A321 Economy Class
Airbus A320 Economy Class Seats
AirlinesLegroom (inches)Width (inches)Aircraft Type
Air Arabia34″18″A321neo
JetBlue Airways33-34″18″A320/A321
Gulf Air33-34″17.5″A320-200
Kuwait Airways32-33″18″A320-200neo
Malta MedAir32-33″18″A320-200
China Eastern31-33″17.8″A319-100
Freedom Airline Express31-33″18″A320-200
Air New Zealand30-34″18″A320-200
Bamboo Airways30-33″17.5-18″A320-200
Hong Kong Airlines30-33″17.8″A320-200
Royal Jordanian30-33″18″A319-100
Turkish Airlines30-33″18″A321-200neo

Best Boeing 737 Economy Class Seats

Exploring the Boeing 737, we find a mix of legroom options and seat widths. Japan Airlines and White Airways offer the best legroom on the Boeing 737 measuring at 34 inches.

While the legroom varies from one airline to another, the seat width trend hovers around 17 to 18 inches. Southwest Airlines stands out offering the widest seats at 17.8 inches.

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Southwest Airlines B737-700 Economy

Here’s a 360-degree cabin of Southwest B737 MAX 8 by

Boeing 737 Economy Class Seats
AirlinesLegroom (inches)Width (inches)Aircraft Type
Japan Airlines34″17″737-800
White Airways34″17″737-800
Aero Contractors33-34″17.5″737-500
Korean Air33-34″17.2″737-800
Surinam Airways32-33″17″737-800
Aerolineas Argentinas32″17″737 MAX 8
Air Algerie32″17″737-600/800
Batik Air32″17″737-800
BoA – Boliviana de Aviación32″17″737-800
Cayman Airways32″17″737 MAX 8
China Eastern32″17″737-800
Fiji Airways32″17″737-800/MAX 8
iAero Airways32″17″737-300/800
Kenya Airways32″17″737-800
Myanmar National Airlines32″17″737-800
Royal Air Maroc32″17″737-800/MAX 8
Solaseed Air32″17″737-800
Southwest Airlines32″17.8″737-800/MAX 8
China Southern31-35″17-17.2″737-800
Daallo Airlines31-34″17.5″737-300

Best Boeing 757 Economy Class Seats

Moving to the Boeing 757 series, Icelandair offers the best legroom at 32 inches on its 757-300 fleet. However, the seat width varies among carriers from 16.3 to 17.8 inches.

Interestingly, United offers both the narrowest and the widest seat on the Boeing 757 series. Similar to its counterpart, Delta also offers a variety of seat widths on its B757s ranging from 16.3 to 17.3 inches.

Boeing 757 Economy Class Seats
AirlinesLegroom (inches)Width (inches)Aircraft Type
National Airlines32″17″757-200
AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines31-32″17.5″757-200
Northern Pacific Airways31-32″17″757-200
SCAT Airlines31-32″17-18″757-200
Uzbekistan Airways30-32″17″757-200
Azur Air30″17″757-200

Best Airbus A220 Economy Class Seats

The Airbus A220, a newer addition to the narrowbody family, brings a fresh perspective to Economy Class. Air Tanzania and Cyprus Airways shine with 32 inches of legroom on the A220-300. One interesting fact is the middle seat on all A220 has slightly more width than the other seat.

Here’s a 360-degree cabin of airBaltic A220 by

Additionally, Delta stands out with widths ranging from 18.1 to 18.6 inches. With a consistent width of around 18 inches, the Airbus A220 emerges as a standout performer in seat width based on its category.

Airbus A220 Economy Class Seats
AirlinesLegroom (inches)Width (inches)Aircraft Type
Air Tanzania32″18.5″A220-300
Cyprus Airways32″18″A220-300
JetBlue Airways32″18″A220-300
Air Manas30-31″18″A220-300
Korean Air30-31″18.5″A220-300

Best Embraer Economy Class Seats

Embracing the Embraer series, Contour Aviation, and JSX Air lead the way offering an impressive 36 inches of legroom on their ERJ 135/145.

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JSX Air Embraer Economy Class.
Embraer Economy Class Seats
AirlinesLegroom (inches)Width (inches)Aircraft Type
Contour Aviation36″17-18″ERJ 135/145
JSX Air36″17″ERJ 135/145
Alliance Airlines32-33″18″E190
Air Botswana32″18″E170
BA Cityflyer32″18″E190
JetBlue Airways32″18″E190
Lufthansa CityLine32″18″E190
Royal Air Maroc32″17″E190
SkyWest Airlines32″18″E175
Bamboo Airways31-34″18″E190
Jazz Air31-34″18″E175
Myanmar Airways International31-34″18″E190
German Airways31-33″18″E190
S7 Airlines31-33″18″E170
Marathon Airlines31-32″18″E190
SAS Link31-32″18″E195

Source: SeatMaps, Airlines Website