Flying in Snow? Winter Operations with airBaltic A220

I arrived in Vilnius, Lithuania to experience a white winter with snow everywhere! First, I visited Avia Solutions Group to learn more about ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance) and explored some aviation training opportunities there.

Next, I arrived at Vilnius Airport to board the airBaltic A220 flight to Riga. The pilot kindly showed the cockpit of the A220 and discussed the winter operation. Before departure, de-icing procedure was applied to our aircraft. I was able to jumpseat in the cockpit and watched the pilot perform a procedure called “ice shedding” (to remove any ice formed on engine blades) just before takeoff.

The workload in the cockpit was heavier due to a short flight to Riga, Latvia. The runway in Riga is wet and the runway-breaking action is crucial for the landing. I transited Riga to Amsterdam and flew with the same cockpit crew. This time I sat back in the cabin and explored more features of the airBaltic Airbus A220. Watch the final landing in Amsterdam from the cockpit!