Flying the New All Business Class Airline – Beond

I tried out Beond Airlines, a new all Business Class leisure airline from the Maldives. Here's how my flight went...

I went to the Maldives for a mega aviation trip and flew on the famous seaplane around the islands. On my way back, I flew Beond Airlines from Male to Riyadh. There are 40 all Business Class seats on the A319, which is the first and only plane Beond Airlines operate so far. Before takeoff, the captain briefed us about the flight plan and route. I was able to capture amazing takeoff footage on camera.

During the flight, a 3-course dinner was served with individual platting. There is Wi-Fi onboard and the airline uses iPads as inflight entertainment. After dinner, the white leather chair can be turned into a fully flat bed with little privacy. I spoke with the cabin crew about the airline operation before we arrived in Riyadh. Currently, Beond flies between Munich, Zurich, Riyadh, and Male.